We are very proud to be a Community Learning Center that provides services to engage, educate and support our students, their families and our community. We have partners on site that provide afterschool enrichment. We also have countless other partners, including community volunteers and an active PTO, that focus on the whole student throughout their journey with us.

To learn more about how your company or organization can become a Community Learning Center partner or volunteer, please contact Kathy Painter at (513) 363-6300 or via email.

Our partners include:

Adopt A Class

All of our classes have been adopted by local community businesses. They bring in a wealth of resources and help build mentoring relationships that can last a life time. They provide our students with school supplies, tutoring opportunities, and wonderful role models to help guide them to a brighter tomorrow.

Girls Club

This is a club offered to all fourth grade girls. Cincinnati Youth Collaborative provides this program to help inspire our young girls to treat others with kindness and manners. Thank you to all the Ladies who make our 4th grade girls feel special. Here is a video of their appreciation.

WHA After School Program

We aspire to empower each student by exposing them to options of which they may not otherwise be aware. Each Enrichment Club Provider introduces students to the vast career opportunities associated with their respective expertise. Each activity is designed to boost confidence, develop positive character traits and build social emotional skills which aides in academic achievement. We aim to produce well-rounded life learners by presenting challenging activities, fostering their creativity to problem solve.

The After School program serves as an enhancement, an extension of the School day. The tutoring staff is comprised of certified teachers who align their academic coaching with state standards and school day curriculum. DESSA-mini screenings were administered through Boy Scouts of America, used to identify students who have social-emotional needs and to assign targeted supports.

Highlights/Accomplishments of the 2015/16 After School Program

Chess Club

The Cris Collinsworth Pro Scan Chess in Schools program made its debut at Winton Hills Academy this school year. After only five months of chess instruction, some of our Chess Club students were selected to participate in the Queen City Classic Chess Tournament where they fared well. This was a tremendous opportunity for them to view the inner workings of chess matches outside of the school setting and practice sportsmanship. It was great for them to play against and socialize with students from various backgrounds.

During Afterschool chess club sessions; students developed their skills by engaging in friendly inner club competition/tournaments, where all students were deemed as “winners” and received participation medallions. The only third grade chess club member, D.A., actually advanced to beat the Chess Instructor Ashley Weech. Wow, what a confidence booster.

French Club

The French Club was a new edition to the WHA Afterschool program. This partnership with Roger Bacon High School brings Karen Adams (Roger Bacon French Teacher), and some of her students to introduce WHA students to French language and culture. Everyone has a great time, learning through games, songs and other engaging activities. Ms. Adams also brings a French snack with her so that our students can experience what French students eat for their after school snack. For the finale; the French Club went on an excursion to Jungle Jim’s International Market where they sampled cuisine/delicacies from around the globe. There were many memorable moments but the one that stands out the most is Demetrius (WHA student) accepting the challenge of the Jungle Jim Tour Guide to eat larvae.

Girl Scouts

The 4-6th grade Girls Scout Troup demonstrated their leadership and entrepreneur skills (learned in the Girl Scout Curriculum) by operating a cookie booth at school.  In two hours they made a little above $800 in cookie sales; some of the proceeds afforded them the opportunity to attend Summer Camp.

Positive Influence Team

The Positive Influence Team (PIT) facilitates the VIP program (Violence Intervention and VIP Prevention), geared to boys grades 4-6.

Course content is designed to:

  • Increase academic motivation
  • Incrase responsibility for actions
  • Promote better decision making
  • Increase strength in resisting peer pressure and negativity
  • Improve peaceful conflict resolution skills
  • Increase optimism about the future

One of their most moving activities was the “Circle of Influence” whereby the boys wrote about and shared some of the positive and painful situations in their life. Comments ranged from having “mixed feelings about my father” to “My brother Randy is positive because he is going to college. We have “brother’s day” together. The guys also shared what makes them feel loved; one student commented: “When I’m allowed to ask questions, without being talked over.” Boys and VIP Facilitators bonded during an outing at Golden Corral with food and fellowship.


The ABC Girls Soccer Team honed their skills by practicing, scrimmaging (and winning) against other school soccer teams and playing in a Soccer Invitational. To top off the Soccer Season, the girls are attending an FC Cincinnati-USL Professional Soccer game on May 28.


By attending tutoring and homework help sessions, students increased the accuracy and completion of their homework which speaks to improved student comprehension and follow through, something that some of our students struggle with.

Thank You

Without the outpouring of support and donations from the Friends of Winton Hills Academy, the After School Program would not have been the fruitful, robust program that it was. We would like to thank you for investing in “building a brighter tomorrow” for Winton Hills Academy students.